Inquisitor Hyrad

Member of the Empire's feared Inquisitorious specializing in long term tracking and recruitment of new members.

Most Inquisitors, fearing for their own power, prefer to kill or turn in their quarry. Hyrad spends his efforts bringing Force users into the fold, strengthening the Inquisitorious as a whole. 

Cold and withdrawn, even those he works with closely know little of Hyrad's history, especially regarding the Jedi Order. He's obviously old enough to have witnessed the Clone Wars, but gives no clue to his loyalties at the time.

Hyrad does not share the sweeping disdain his fellow Inquisitors hold for members of the Empire's traditional chain of command. If a naval officer or intelligence agent is helpful to his cause of sniffing out hidden Force users, he's more than willing to work with them.


Inquisitor Hyrad

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